November 2015

"Use the commonplace to escape the commonplace."

Haiku master Yosa Buson (1716-1783)

Brady Wilks

This week I had the pleasure this week of traveling and working with Brady Wilks. Brady and I approach photography in opposite directions. He's a haptic expressionist photographer and I'm a visual realist photographer. He specializes in 19th century photographic processes whereas I've written beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in Photoshop and the digital image. 

We had many good conservations over dinner, and I was glad to hear how his side of photography deals with concept. 


Quote from Sander

“I hate nothing more than a sugary photograph with tricks, poses, and effects. So allow me to be honest and tell the truth about our age and its people.” —August Sander


Pin cushion

Here's the follow-up to Caroline's emergency room visit: Venom testing at the allergist's office.  She was injected 20 times with varying amounts of venom from yellow jackets, white faced hornets, honey bees, wasps and yellow faced hornets. It turns out that's she's allergic to yellow jackets. 

Grandmother's Coconut

A scene from the garage floor: Emma has left her chalk on the floor, which seems to have been crushed underfoot and the coconut we took from grandmother's tree, which still hasn't been cracked open. 

Blood Infusion

Like a wind-up toy

she shuffles to the elevator

with her new swollen feet 

and new aluminum cane

I press the circle; the doors part; she enters and ascends

Once she escorted me to the doctor

Now I escort her

Room with a View

Only an hour ago

we were sealed up in our minivan

half-a-day, Miami to Savannah

Now, at the window of our hotel,

we gape at the containership

cruising down the river,

about to make its own crossing